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GATE –  Day Count Calendar - Time Clusters

GANN teaches that you should maintain a Day Count for significant swings in the market.

This function maintains a Day Count for selected swings made in the market and shows these counts together with significant cycles that will occur in the month for which you are creating the Calendar (normally - for the month ahead).


  • GATE will select the significant swings for which to maintain a Day Count - you can then refine this selection to meet your own needs
  • GATE will highlight when important cycles are repeating (for example Anniversaries, degree cycles, any Cycle you want to track)
  • Convenient to see date Clusters - AHEAd of time
  • GATE show potential important "Heartbeat" cycles - when a cycle squares
  • The Calendar conveniently fits on one page per week wide (multiple pages long -depending on the number of swings you are using)


The example below shows a CLuster of Anniversary Dates

Mod3 Day Count Calendar Annaversary


This example shows a CLuster of Dates around a 30 degree vibration

Mod3 Day Count Calendar Degree


THe example bellow shows when the Cycle from the First Range out recurs - in this example GATE is highlighting both the cycles taken from a weekly swing (38 Calendar Days)chart as well as a monthly swing chart (94 Calendar Days).

Mod3 Day Count Calendar 1st Range Out






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