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GATE –  Time Clusters - Monthly Calendar

See potential time Clusters summarized on one page for the month ahead.

Include current time and price actions (ABC formations) and let GATE show you when the important milestones (38.1%, 50%, 61.8%, 100%, 200%) are due to occur - for Top to Bottom/Bottom to Top) as well as Top to Top and Bottom to Bottom cycles.


  • Quick reference - single page per month summary
  • Include long term (Major) Market action as well as short term action - GATE will keep track of when these cycles are due to repeat - months ahead of time.


The next two examples below potential Time CLuster -- and how this information can be used to construct a Chart (see next screen shot)

Mod3 Monthly Calendar

Mod3 Monthly Calendar


This next example shows how a chart can be constructed using information from GATE.
NOTE - This chart was produced using Charting software - NOT included in GATE)

Mod3 Monthly Calendar Chart


The next example shows how GATE can keep track of a ABC time cycle (inset) on the Monthly Calendar.

Mod3 Monthly Calendar ABC






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