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GATE –  History Time Cycles and Price Ranges

This GATE function extracts the time cycles and price ranges between all swings made using a Daily, Weekly,Monthly or Quarterly swings. You choose the swings to use depending on the type of analysis you want to do. Daily and Weekly swing cycles will give you all the swings (minor and major), Monthly and Quarterly will give you the more significant (Major) swing cycles.


  • Extract time cycles and price ranges based on the level of detail that you want.
  • Gate will highlight the top 50 most frequently used time cycles.
  • Use Gate's filters to only show the most frequently used time cycles
  • Analysis is available for Calendar Day, Trading Day, Degrees and Price. Ranges
  • Extract ALL the Swing pairs where a specific time cycle has occurred (option to include 50% and 200% of the cycle)


This example shows number of times a time cycle has occurred (between two swings). The most frequently recurring cycles are highlighted.
This report includes the count with a tolerance of 1to 4 bars.

Mod 3 Matrix CCycles


Using the inbuilt GATE filter you can show only the most frequently used cycles

Mod 3 Matrix Filter


This extract shows the Swings that make up the selected time cycle you have selected (in this example 94 Calendar Days including 50% and 200% of 94)

Mod 3 Matrix 94 CD

You can also Look up the Time Cycle between any two swings-.This example shows two occurrences of where 94 Calendar days occurred

Mod 3 Matrix

This report shows where the same time cycle occurs multiple times

Mod 3 Matrix His


Simple GATE menu to select the swing cycles you want to use in your analysis

Mod 3 Matrix Menu






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