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GATE –  GANN Emblem Dates
(History Tops and Bottoms)

This GATE functions calculates all dates based on degrees leading into and out of Swings. Swings that fall on those dates are displayed which can then be used to identify current or future cycles. The amount of information is controlled through a selection menu


  • Identify cycles at work leading into and out of Swings.
  • Control the amount of data displayed through a Menu filter.


The example below shows previous Swings at the degrees (yellow heading) prior to the Swing Top/Bottom (blue side)

Mod 3 Emblem Extract Table

The example below shows the different degrees that can be shown (right side)

Mod 3 Emblem Extract

The Example below shows the triangle (120 degrees) degrees starting at 60

Mod 3 Emblem show 60







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