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GATE –  Price Support and Resistance Clusters

GATE clusters prices at Resistance levels and at Support levels based on CURRENT market activity.
Price are Clustered showing clear levels where the market is expected to find support or resistance.


  • Use Current Price levels to calculate Resistance and Support levels.
  • Use Highlights to make it easy to find prices inside reports
  • Swings used are made through simple click and select with no key in required when using existing swings
  • Can be used with intra day data through the key in option - Check price levels as they are made.
  • .


The example below shows the information that was used in the GATE examples that follow
NOTE: This extract was extracted from a charting program which is NOT included in GATE.

Mod4 Price CLusters


The extract below shows how the Price Projection (ABC) ranges are entered into GATE. Data is selected via a simple click and select

Mod4 Price CLusters


The extract below show how the Price retracements levels are entered. Select a High (or Low) and then select the Swings leading into the Hi (or Low).

Mod4 Price CLusters


The example below shows the Price Clusters calculated by GATE.

Mod4 Price CLusters


The example below shows the Price Projections (ABC) ranges calculated. Note the highlight option to make it easy to see where your target price are located

Mod4 Price CLusters


This example shows the Price retracements from the High to the Lows leading into the High. Note the highlight option

Mod4 Price CLusters

Options available to control the amount of information included in the calculations.

Mod4 Price CLusters






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