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GATE –  "What If" Analysis - Risk Reward Calculator

PLAN your trade -- What if the market opens a price x tomorrow

Calculate the risk of a trade before you enter the trade. Instantly know the risk if the market gaps on the open.

This function includes both time and price projections based on an ABC formation as well as a rating on the swing (that is the percentage level that the market has retraced to form point C)

Select ABC points from a list or key in the information. The option to key in the information allows you to calculate intra day levels and risk


  • Include a rating (based on the percentage retracements in forming point C".
  • Includes both Time and Price projections
  • Instantly recalculate your Risk prior to taking a Trade.


The example below shows the Risk Reward ratio based on the information supplied

Mod4 Risk Reward Calculator


This example shows the time and price projections

Mod4 Risk Reward Calculator






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